Track-by-Track Feature

Track-by-Track Feature

We recently had the pleasure of working with the lovely folks at Infectious Magazine on a track-by-track feature for “Crooked Orchards”. We go into great detail talking about the writing and recording process of each song, our favorite moments on the record, meanings behind some of the lyrics and an anecdote or two. It was a lot of fun going back through the process and highlighting some of this stuff and we hope you’ll enjoy reading it and learning a couple new things about the record. You can read the entire feature right here, and a sample below on the song “Five Years at Sea”:


JS: I’ve always been a sucker for a concept song. Whether it is something as grandiose and sci-fi as Rush and Coheed & Cambria, or more historical and fantastical like The Decemberists, I think telling a story within a musical sequence is such a cool idea. I basically presented my story to the vocalists of the band, and asked them to come up with the actual lyrics. They ended up dividing it into the three “acts” so to speak, with each person taking a section of the song on lyrics and vocals. My general concept was to tell the story of this young man who dreams of leaving his home and going on an adventure at sea, only to come home after five years to realize he should have appreciated the people who loved him more since they were no longer around. It kind of sounds “anti-adventure” as I write this, but the underlying meaning is more about not taking any moment with the people you love for granted. Not every second will be full of action and adventure, but any time you are able to share with people who generally care for you and love you is so valuable. Don’t forget them even if you do go on your great adventure.

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