The Spot 518 Interview

The Spot 518 Interview

We recently sat down with to talk about life within the band, how it is being married to your bandmates, and our new record “Crooked Orchards”. A big thank you to them for taking the time to talk to dorks like us! Check out an excerpt from the article below and the full article here!


“One of the greatest things about being in a band with your spouse,” he added, “is that pretty much all of our time outside of work is working on the band, but it doesn’t necessarily feel like work because we’re together.”

“Says you,” joked Ashleigh.

“I think being in a band as two married couples is super easy and super comfortable,” said TJ. “And we live about 60 seconds away from each other too, we boh bought houses recently and decided that we needed to live within a minute of each other because everyone else we know makes us miserable.” TJ and the rest of Darling Valley laughed. “We get together for band practice in out living room; we’ll play for two hours and then drink wine and watch John Oliver.”

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