You’ll Go Far, Kid

We were once alive, we were beautiful and wild
Never hostage to the limits of our minds
But the greedy hands of time took much more than they could hold
Leaving only things that couldn’t be sold
Like the road that led us far from our homes

We were once in bloom, our fears banished to the ground
The sun brightened what we’d never seen before
With our lashes guided down, oh we tripped along the way
There were so many things we’d hoped to change
Our road was blocked by the turning of a page

You’ll go far, kid, you’re gonna be a star
Remember your heart, kid, It’ll get you far

We were once afraid of the lions we uncaged
Roaming quietly through our former terrain
The little doubts inside your head cannot replace your common sense
There is more to life than living for the end
There is more to life than trying to forget

“I was once the girl who planned further than she knew
Tomorrow’s ghost kept me here and now”
“I was once the boy who disappeared in crowded rooms
Took a while, but I eventually grew”
So tell yourself, someday you will too