The Low

I fell behind within a version of myself
I drew a map so you would know where to go
Like waves ashore I tried to drown out the sound
Of all the voices spilling “You should’ve known”

It sounded like a lake was forming in me
So I built a raft for you to navigate around
Uncharted land is such an opportunity
Like when your voice starts singing “Don’t let me down”

That was not the changed man I want to be
If you swim your way to me and lay your body down in my hands
I’ll show you who I am
You’ll be in all my plans
I’ll have a lot to say if not too late
‘Cus every time I try to make a better life and focus on the good I start to weep
Once my head allows, I’ll put both feet on the ground with you

I see the low again and I let your love come in
I see the low again
I am the low again