You put me in the stars
Strolled right past the burnt out suns, leaning up against the bar
You’ll long for something more
Trust me, dear, I’ve been up here before

Here’s what I’m always told:
Feeling low while gazing up can very quickly grow old
So, I’m trying not to stare
Lonely lights last long when they don’t care

Don’t promise forever, don’t buy me a drink
The sky where I’m living can be limiting
So lay down your lasso and leave the moon be
‘Cus it was never meant for me

Take a look around the room
The night has just begun and they’re all lookin’ at you
But you let them pass you by
You’d rather stay with me just for a while

They put you in the stars
You’ve been searching through the sky but haven’t found who you are
You want to see me again
The moonshine’s all for them

Don’t promise forever, don’t buy me a drink
But let’s wait and see what the morning can bring
Maybe the stars get a wish now and then
And I hope that I see you again