For Now

There’s something about my memory that keeps me unaware
Everything I’ve loved and known
Falls into the ocean or fades into the air
Better let me leave a note
Everything I offer, everything I am
Will never mean a thing in the end
So bury me with family, bury me with friends
If I’m too weak to comprehend

Take me to the river, take me on a plane
I want to see the world unknown
I’ve never had a vision, never said a prayer
That’s not a faith I will condone
I’ve seen what words can make us, seen what they can do
Like soldiers marching towards a battle ground
They can bury you alive, they can give you one more night
With the white and routine all around

But for now, don’t you take me to the other side
For now, don’t you leave me for another night
For now, don’t you lay me down or let me go
For now, for now…

There’s something about a child looking in your eyes
Reminds you of the here and now
Breathe until you’re ready, breathe until it’s fair
Leave your worries in the ground
Never mind the preachers, never mind the fear
Just move away from all the doubt
Take everything you’ve wanted, everything you love
And never keep your mind in your mouth