Five Years at Sea

When I was a child I knew everything
I wandered my town like Crusoe
You ain’t no savior, you statuette
Stuck on the wrong end of the road

The world is much bigger than my backyard
The harbor is calling my name
You ain’t no anchor, you landing net
I’ll see you on the other side of a wave

What’s home? Is it tide’s endless rival?
There’s more than every man’s fate
When life’s awash in the foam and the bubble
Let the stars lead you away

Five years can feel like infinity
When the sea turns from haven to cage
I ain’t no king like Odysseus
But here I am just tryin’ to find my way

What’s home? Is it miles of undulation?
There’s more than forgetting one’s name
When life’s awash in the foam and the bubble
Only stars will lead the way

I greet an empty shore
In memories, drowning
Waves call me back, but the past is waiting for me

I own an unknown face
I reunite with strangers
The home I knew is now a tomb, my love has moved on

I knew the sea would sway,
But thought the earth was constant
Stranded here by time where no one waited for me