At Your Weakest

You held me in your arms before I turned into a man
I started learning how to walk before you wanted me to stand
And then you tried to keep your secrets
I always found your cigarettes
And found you weeping in your bedroom over what hadn’t happened yet
You said, “It’s gonna be alright…”

Oh, Mama, I never knew that the darkness came from you

I’ve seen you at your weakest
You were too drunk to take us around
But you tried to grab your keys until you finally settled down
That’s not the way I want to think of you
These aren’t stories I should tell
I can’t help but be forgiving
In the end, I guess you raised me well
I think I turned out alright

Oh, father, I never knew that the darkness came from you

Now I’ve a child of my own
Pretty soon she’s turning five
And when I hold her in my arms I’m just glad to be alive
She’s seen me weeping in my bedroom
I say that’s sometimes what I do
But I want to let it go now, mama, all the dark that came from you

Oh, A, I hope that you will let your darkness come to me
Let your darkness come to me…