Exposed Vocals Interview

Exposed Vocals Interview

We recently had the pleasure of answering a few questions from Exposed Vocals about the new record and life in the band. You can read an excerpt from that interview below, and check out the entire thing right here.


How do you juggle the rest of your responsibilities while trying to stay ahead in your music life?

AW: One of the healthiest things anyone can do is leave their work at work. I have a bad habit of checking my work email in the middle of the night, and we all tend to bring bad moods home with us occasionally, but separating work life from band life allows us to focus a little more on whatever the task at hand might be. As far as our personal lives, the fact that we are two married couples who are also best friends ensures that we aren’t sacrificing important relationships for music. We’ve all had to miss out on the occasional family event, and we sometimes struggle to fit our other friends into our busy schedules, but in the end, it’s all about priorities – TJ and Lauren’s daughter, and our group’s conglomeration of furry family members are always at the top of the list. When you start out knowing what you are and are not willing to compromise on, the rest of it just falls into place.

What should fans look forward to in 2016?

LF: 2016 has already been an awesome year for us. We’ve finalized recording, mixing, and producing our new album and have worked out our live set to include our favorite new songs. In less than a month we’ll finally be able to put this record out there – and hyperventilate, cry, and smile. It will be like sending our youngest child off to college. I believe the 4 of us are more proud of this compilation of music than we have been of anything that we’ve been a part of musically. So in 2016 we look forward to promoting the record, performing as many live shows as our mortal lives allow, and as TJ said, soon you’ll be seeing our music video for our next single, “You’ll Go Far, Kid.”



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