“Crooked Orchards” coming 6/24/16

“Crooked Orchards” coming 6/24/16

Today, we are thrilled to announce details on our forthcoming full-length album, Crooked Orchards. The album will be released on June 24th via Sounds and Tones Records. Full track-listing is below. You can hear the second single, “Widows and Revolutionaries,” immediately by visiting Sounds and Tones on Bandcamp.

We spent the better part of a year tracking, producing, editing and mixing this record and we could not be more proud of the outcome. All four of us stepped out of our comfort zones as musicians and as people during the process. It was the most difficult record we have ever made, due mostly to tackling everything about it ourselves. That also made it the most rewarding record we have ever made, and we think the most consistent sounding as well. These 11 songs are stories we crafted together as a group. The goal of these stories is to make you feel something, whether it be a sense of hope, a rush of love for the ones close to you, a fond memory or two of the past, or even a deep breath that others struggle with anxiety just like you. We called this album Crooked Orchards because it best represented what the four of us are on a daily basis: husbands, wives, and best friends. A couple years ago, the four of us all got married. (Not to each other, but no one can really tell the difference…) Jordan and Ashleigh at a place called Crooked Lake, and TJ and Lauren at a place called The Orchards. Since then, the four of us have celebrated life’s ups, downs and in-betweens together, and this album is no exception. We hope you’ll come celebrate with us as we start the next musical chapter.

Crooked Orchards Cover Full
Crooked Orchards
1. Who You Hold On To
2. Graces
3. Moonshine
4. ‘Til Morning
5. Make it Right
6. Widows and Revolutionaries
7. Written on My Bones
8. Monsters
9. You’ll Go Far, Kid
10. Five Years at Sea
11. Half Your Life

Physical and Digital pre-orders available now, right here.

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